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Is 35 Tint Legal In NY – What Do State Laws Say About Tinting?

by Jordan Harris
Is 35 Tint Legal In NY

Tints are something that enthusiasts in the automotive community absolutely love. But is 35 tint legal in NY? Tinted windows have added to the aesthetics of your vehicle for a while now and that is why they are extremely famous.

Not only does it add some crazy aesthetics to the look of your car, but can be important for personal safety, a bit of privacy, and of course to save yourself from the sun on long drives. Hence without a doubt, tinting your vehicle’s windows come with several benefits.

However, before getting tints on your car, as US laws do now allow tints after a certain point. As always, there are boundaries to how much you can alter your car. Hence, why we’ve covered an entire list of the most illegal car accessories that you definitely don’t want to get caught with.

It usually depends on the state and having tinted windows is usually legal after a certain level. In this article, we focus on the New York state tint lows. As long as you follow these rules you should not have a problem with the cops.

Tinted Windows

Window tinting refers to the process of applying a thin laminate sheet of film to a vehicle’s window windshield, etc to darken it. The reason why people go for tints varies in the automotive community.

The reasons might include privacy or security and protection from UV rays including UVA. UVA is extremely dangerous and can cause skin cancer. Alongside that tints also help in decreasing the interior heat from the car.

is 35 tint legal in ny

Minimized interior heat can also help make the car more comfortable. Of course, people also get tints purely for aesthetic reasons. Tinted windows can look cool for some people and they may look like celeb-style sunglasses for your car.

Even though there are some good advantages of tinted windows, they are only allowed to a certain level depending upon different states. There are many different types of tints available, the ceramic tint being the best in the market. Just make sure you’re aware of how much does ceramic tint can cost, though.

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY – How Can You Calculate Tint Percentage

The windows that are installed by the manufacturers in modern-day cars are never perfectly clear. They are not 100% visible light transmission or VLT. Therefore knowing the exact tint on your vehicle can be a little difficult.

Alongside that, this also makes it difficult to achieve your desired overall tint. The glass that is used by most automakers uses a VLT rating of about 80%. The default visible light transmission of each car model varies.

Hence to calculate the exact VLT of your vehicle’s window once the tint is applied you need to follow the following steps. To explain these steps to you easily, here is an example.

Applying a 10% VLT film, which can be extremely dark, to a glass that has 75% VLT, you multiply the 10% multiplied by 75% equals to 7.5%. VLT. from this example, you can see that applying a film with a 10% VLT rating does not result in glass with a 10% VLT.

How To Tint The Windows On Your Car

Usually, if you want to tint your car windows, it is to either block the ultraviolet sunlight rays that can harm your skin. They can also look “super cool” and they also offer privacy from the people looking into your car.

Tinting your car windows can be a long and time-consuming process but anyone can perform putting on the tints on their own windows. You can do it with just a few basic tools. Here is a list of steps you need to follow to tint your vehicle. If you want to learn more, check out our detailed write-up on how long does it take to tint windows.

Step 1: Clean The Area

The first thing you need to do before installing the tint is to clean the area or windows properly. What you need to do is clean the windows with soapy water and a blade. Mix a little soap with warm water and spray it on the window.

Once you have done that, take the blade and get rid of all of the debris from the window. After that, is done clean the water from the window with a microfiber cloth. If you need more help, you can always refer to our guide on how to clean car windows.

Step 2: Cutting And Measuring Your Tint

The next step to get the tint on your vehicle is to line up the tint on your window and cut the amount you want to use. To do that spray some soapy water on your window and then align the tint on your window. Cut a manageable slab of the tint, and make sure to use a bit extra inches on each side.

Once that is done, spray some more soapy water on top of it and cut it properly along the window. You can open the window a little bit to help and cleanly cut the tint. Make sure that it is clean. After that what you need to do is remove the protective film from the top of the tint.

Step 3: Set The Tint

After everything in the previous steps is done, you need to use a heat gun to set this tint. You can use a rubber squeeze alongside the heat gun to remove the water and the bubbles from under the tint. After that just add some adhesive to fix the tint.

How To Remove Window Tinting

Before you decide on removing it, make sure you’re absolutely sure you want to do this. After all, car window tinting prices can be costly. One of the things you need to do to quickly remove window film, what you need to do is use a hairdryer set on high heat. Start the hairdryer at the edge of the tint and hold it close to the glass.

Slowly move the dryer back and forth as you can peel away the tint. If there is some stubborn adhesive residue, use a mixture of vinegar and water in a bottle spray. And if you need more references, we do have a detailed guide on how to remove window tint that you can refer to.

You need to spray the solution on the glass and let the mixture do its magic for a couple of minutes. Once the mixture has settled for a few minutes, wipe it away with a clean cloth. For stains that are still there, you need to carefully use a razor blade to scrape off the residue.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Tint

Tinted windows do come with a set of advantages that might incline you to get those for your cars. Here is a list of the advantages that might help you make the decision.

1. UV Protection

Most people overlook the fact that your skin can undergo some stress due to the UV rays of the sun. Your skin is extremely sensitive and it can get damaged from inside your car too. Here is where window tints can be extremely effective. Window tints can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays for added protection while you drive.

2. Preserving Your Interior

UV rays are not only harmful to your skin, but also it can be extremely harmful to your car’s interior. Interior materials like your seats and dashboard can be damaged by the sun.

They can cause the interior to fade and crack. Tinted windows can preserve these materials used for the interiors of the car and alongside that extend the life of your car’s interior.

3. Safety

A window tint is a film that sticks to the window of your vehicle. When due for some reason, your glass breaks, the film has a tendency of holding the small pieces of glass. These shards do not sound like a lot but they can be extremely dangerous.

4. Increased Privacy

Window tints or window films allow you to look out while blocking the vision while making it harder for others to see in. It makes it easier for people to leave their valuables in the car without the tension of getting robbed. Alongside that, it also provides a sense of privacy for the driver while driving your car.

5. Improved Comfort

By blocking out the UV rays, the window tints on your car windows can make the inside of your vehicle significantly cooler and more comfortable. This can be extremely important during the hot summer months. Window tints also reduce the glare from the sun to give comfort to your eyes.

When we talk about window tints on a car, sure they look cool, but you have to understand that legally tinting your car means following a set of rules set by your state. Now each state has a different set of rules you need to follow before you tint your vehicle.

Hence if you’re wanting to get your vehicle tinted, be sure to double-check the state laws. To find out more, check out our guide on how to remove car window tint.

is 35 tint legal in ny

As said before, just like many other regulations, window tinting laws in different states are different. Therefore it can be extremely confusing and hard to understand. Now, this may not be a problem if your vehicle never leaves the state, but if you travel a lot you might need to gather more information about these laws.

Even if you have an out-of-state vehicle or move a lot, you again need to do proper research.

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY – The Proper Terminology

Here is all the information we have consolidated about the terms you need to know to understand the tint laws in different states. This will help you to know whether your cool tinted windows are legal.

1. Visible Light Transmission Or VLT%

Visible light transmission or the VLT%, as said before, is the measurement used to assess automobiles’ window tints. This is the percentage of the light that enters through either the film or window plus the VLT%. the darker the VLT% is the darker the tint is.

To make it easier for you to understand, if a window has a VLT tint of fifty percent, that window only allows fifty percent of the exterior light inside the car. If on the other hand, if a window has five percent VLT then only five percent of the light is allowed inside the vehicle.

2. Front-Side Window Tint Level

When we talk about the front-side window tint, it is the amount of tint to VLT% you are allowed to have on the driver and front passenger windows. The rear area of the car has a higher value of tint in the rear.

On the other side, the front of the vehicle needs to be easily visible from the outside. This is what allows the driver of the vehicle to be seen from the outside. This logic applies to those wondering about do window tints go on the inside or the outside.

3. Rear-Side Window Tint Level

The rear side of the vehicle usually allows a different percentage from that of the front windows. This is the amount of tint or VLT% that is allowed on the windows placed on the rear of your vehicle. This value also differs for passenger cars and a multi-purpose vehicles.

4. Rear Window Tint Level

The rear window is the piece of glass that is at the extreme back of your vehicle. This is the amount of tint or VLT% that is allowed on the rear window of your vehicle. Usually, in some places, this value is typically the same as the rear side windows of the vehicle.

Some states are more restrictive as it restricts the vision from the back of the car.

5. Windshield And Color

You need to know that a windshield cannot be tinted in any state of the United States. Some states do allow your car to have a sticker on the top of your windshield. It is usually the area of the manufacturer’s sun-shield.

Alongside that, you have to understand that the color of the tint used on your vehicle also depends upon the state. There are certain colors to choose from alongside reflective and mirror finishes.

New York Tint Laws

Now as said before, many times indeed, there are different laws regarding car tints in different places. Car windows tinting laws in the state of New York were enacted in 1991 and got some changes in 2017.

We have already provided all the necessary information, including how dark or reflective the tint is allowed in this state. There are also additional car window tinting rules and regulations in New York so make sure you read all about them below.

The percentage of light allowed through your film and glass in New York is very specific and different for sedan cars and SUV cars or vans. The percentage of visible light allowed through your vehicle is called VLT or visible light transmission. Here is the information you need about the New York tint laws.

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY #1: Tint Darkness In Sedans

The windshield on your car, in the state of New York, allows more than 70% of the light in. When we talk about the non-reflective tint with any darkness can be used on the top six inches. The front window side of the vehicle, like the windshield, should allow 70% of the light in.

When we talk about sedan cars even the rear windows should allow more than 70% of the light in. Rear windows are allowed any level of darkness on their tints if your car is using dual exterior rearview mirrors.

This means that for your vehicle in the State of New York only 30% tint is allowed. Hence the answer to the question, ”is 35 tint legal in NY” is no for a sedan.

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY #2: Tint Darkness In SUVs/Van

The tints that are allowed in SUVs and vans are different than what is allowed in sedans in New York. Windshields, just like sedans allow more than 70% of light in. Non-reflective tine with any darkness can be used on the top six inches. Alongside that, the front side of the windows is also to follow the 70 VLT%.

When we talk about the rear window and the back side windows, any level of darkness is allowed. Again, this means that the answer to the question, “ is 35 tint legal in NY” is yes but only for the rear windows and the backside windows.

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY

is 35 tint legal in ny

According to section 375, 12-A of the New York State vehicle and traffic laws does not allow the windshield or the front side of the windows dark. To elaborate on this, the windshield and the front side windows can not block more than 30% of the light. Seventy percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window.

It can be extremely difficult to understand and follow these laws properly. Hence the answer to your question, “is 35 tint legal in NY” is not for any sedan on the roads in New York. If on the other hand if you have a van or an SUV, 35% can be used but only on the rear windows of the car.

20 Percent Tint

Usually, the legalization of a 20 percent tint depends upon which window you are talking about. If we are talking about the rear windows and rear windshield of your car, then no. 20 percent is legal in the State of New York. However, If you to tint the front side window and the windshield, a 20% tint is not legal in the New York State

Is 35 Tint Legal In NY: In Conclusion…

In the state of New York, it is legal to have window tints that are up to 30% dark. Hence to answer the question on everyone’s minds, “is 35 tint legal in NY” is not legal to drive on the roads of New York. If you are caught with an illegal window tint, you will be given a tint and you will be required to remove the tint from your vehicle.

The good thing is that you can also get the tickets dismissed if you remove this tint and show your vehicle to the proper authorities. If you do decide to tint the windows on your vehicle, we recommend you use a high-quality window tinting film.

You should also practice tinting a piece of scrap glass first. This will help you to do a better job at tinting your car. And while we’re discussing the legalities around window tints, you could also check out our guide on whether can you tint a lease car.

We’ve also covered a bunch of other legal matters when it comes to your car. Previously, we’ve discussed over is straight piping legal, whether can you smoke and drive, how to drive without a license legally, whether is it illegal to drive with both feet, as well as can I drive a car without plates, among many others.

FAQs On Is 35 Tint Legal In NY

Here are all of the common questions people have related to the phrase, “is 35 tint legal in NY”.

Can You Tint Your Windshield

Technically, you can get your windshields tinted but not the full windshield. The front of the vehicle needs to be visible from the outside. Tinting is only permitted along the top 5 inches of the windshield. Side and rear windows may not be covered or treated with tinting that allows a light transmittance of less than 35%. Reflective material is not permitted on any vehicle windows. All windows except the rear window must contain 2-way glass.

How Much To Get Windows Tinted

The cost of tinting your vehicle can vary greatly. It usually depends upon the type of tint and the size of your vehicle’s size. It is important to remember that the darker the tint, the more expensive it is. Usually, it costs more than lighter tint jobs. The price also depends upon the number of windows that you want to get tinted. For example, some people just get the tint for the back seats, to provide privacy. In general, prices average from around $150 for a full tint job on a small car to upwards of $500-plus for a large vehicle like a van or SUV. If a special color tint or a special type of tint is requested, those prices can start to climb. Metallic and colored tints can cost upwards of $1,000 for larger vehicles.

Is Ceramic Tint Legal

The ceramic tint is one of the best qualities of tints available on the market for its high-heat rejection properties. Yes, it might be darker than the normal tint but that does not make it illegal. Ceramic tint is absolutely legal but you have to keep in mind the percentage of light that is allowed through. While it uses the same type of sheets as regular window film, the material is coated with ceramic particles. While invisible to the naked eye, this built-in ceramic technology provides a high-performance ultraviolet solar and infrared rejection.

What’s The Darkest Tint

The darkest legal tint is one of the most popular tinting choices that automotive enthusiasts make. Dark windows not only make a great improvement to the look of your car, but it also maximizing driver and passenger privacy and reducing glare. The darkest legal limit for tinting is based on the state your car is in. As said before, the level of tint allowed for your vehicle is usually different from state to state. So the darkest legal tint that you can get also depends upon the state you want to drive your car in.

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