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Gas Pedal Right Or Left – How Do Car Pedals Work?

by Jordan Harris

Be it a car truck or even a tank the position of the gas pedal is the same. The gas pedal on a car is on the right-hand side regardless of whether the car is either a right-hand drive or a left-hand drive configuration. The layout of the clutch, transmission, and gas pedal is the same throughout the world.

For cars that are made in Japan, the United Kingdom, India, and other right-hand drive countries, the gas pedal is placed closer to the right side door. On American, European, and other left-hand drive cars, the gas pedal is still on the right but is next to the gearbox tunnel.

Cars with an automatic transmission come with two pedals the brake and the gas. On the other hand, a manual car comes with three pedals, the brake, the clutch, and the gas. Hence it is important for anyone who is learning how to drive to know the position of the gas pedal.

It is important for a new driver to know whether the “gas pedal right or left”. So, if you’re wondering which is the gas and brake pedals, this might help…

Gas Pedal

Gas Pedal Right Or Left

The gas pedal is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It is the pedal that controls the RPMs on your vehicle. As you press the gas pedal, your engine begins producing more power.

This allows the transmission to transfer more power to the wheels and makes the car go faster. This explanation is really simplified for a layman, but it is enough information to understand the basic principles of the powertrain and the gas pedal.

The gas pedal is always the pedal that is placed on the right. The brake is in the middle and the clutch is always on the left. In cars that come with an automatic transmission, the brake pedal takes both the center and the left spot.

To give a better perspective on how to use the pedals. The gas pedals are always applied with the right foot and so is the brake. On the other hand, the clutch is always used with the left foot. On an automatic vehicle, the right foot is what controls both the brake and the gas pedal.  We hope this answers the question,” gas pedal right or left”.

Car Pedals

When we talk about a manual car there are three car pedals that are present. The gas pedal or the accelerator, the brake pedal, and the clutch pedal. On the other hand, when we talk about an automatic transmission, it only comes with two pedals.

The gas or the accelerator is on the right and the brake is on the left. Here is a detailed description of these car pedals.

Gas Pedal Right Or Left, Which One’s Which #1: Accelerator Pedal

The pedal that is placed on the right-hand side is known as the accelerator or the gas pedal. This pedal is usually operated with your right foot. An accelerator does exactly as the name suggests. It is what accelerates your vehicle and makes your car move.

The more you press down on the accelerator, the faster the crankshaft shins and the more power the engine produces. The power and speed of a car are directly related, so the more power that the engine produces, the faster your car goes.

Keep in mind that the gas pedal on your vehicle is an extremely sensitive pedal. Hence you only need to push your pedal down a little bit to go relatively faster. Hence foot placement is extremely important to stay in control. Right heel on the floor of the car and use your toes or the ball on your foot to gently control the accelerator.

Gas Pedal Right Or Left, Which One’s Which #2: Brake Pedal

Out of the three pedals that come with your manual car, the middle pedal is the one that is the brake. When you do use it, the brake lights automatically come on at the back of your car so that they can alert the people behind you that you are about to slow down or come to a halt.

You should use your right foot to control the brake pedal as well as the accelerator. This makes sense because if you’re trying to accelerate and brake at the same time, something is wrong. You should avoid stomping on the brake. You should push it down gently until the car comes to a halt or slow down.

This will help you stop nicely and smoothly. If the pedal feels weird, it might be indicative that there’s something wrong with your car’s brakes. Such as, noticing that the brake pedal goes to the floor, but there are no leaks. This gives you the chance to prepare for the next step while driving on the road.

It also gives other people on the road a chance too. Another thing that you need to keep a note of is the fact that automatic cars do not have three but only two pedals. So the one on the left is the one that is the brake.

There are a number of automatic cars that also come with a dead pedal that does not move or have any function. It is just for people to rest their feet while driving (just make sure you’re not testing is it illegal to drive barefoot and is it illegal to drive without shoes).

Last but not least, the third pedal towards the left is the clutch pedal. This pedal is not available on cars with an automatic transmission. As you drive your car faster you would need to put your vehicle in a higher gear. Similarly, when you want to lose some speed, you need to move your vehicle into a lower gear vehicle.

Gas Pedal Right Or Left, Which One’s Which #3: Clutch Pedal

The clutch needs to be pressed all the way down and released slowly while pressing the accelerator to operate it without a problem. The higher the gear the slower the speed for releasing the clutch.

In order to change the gear on your vehicle, you need to put the clutch down, and move the gearstick into the right position. After that gradually bring back the clutch and accelerate a little as explained before.

You can and should change gears only when you have pressed the clutch all the way down. If not it can really damage your clutch. Even if you do end up changing gears without pressing the clutch, your car will make a horrid grinding sound.

You also need to use the clutch at any time you want to stop the car or come to a complete stop. Or else, excess wear might exhibit symptoms of a slipping clutch. Sooner or later, you’ll note that burned clutch smell. The latter is an early sign that you’ll soon have to worry about a clutch replacement cost.

Another tip that you need to follow is the fact that your foot should not be touching the clutch at all. That is because even if the clutch is engaged a little bit, it can damage the clutch plate.  Having your car in gear gives you control over the car. On the other hand, when the clutch is down, it means that your car is not in gear.

Nowadays, seeing the clutch pedal is becoming quite rare. Even race cars, if you’re ever wondering do F1 cars have a clutch pedal, don’t typically feature one. And while we’re here, be sure to check out our guide on a clutch pedal adjustment, if yours isn’t feeling and catching right.

Gas Pedal Right Or Left

Gas Pedal Left Or Right

As said before in this article, the accelerator, also known as the gas pedal, is what helps the car to accelerate and move forward. The pedal is located on the floor which is placed on the far right. As said before the pedal controls the amount of gas that is fed into the engine and that is what controls the speed of the vehicle.

You usually push the accelerator with your right foot while the heel of your foot rests on the floor. Alongside that, you should not be jerky with your accelerator as it can not only damage your engine, but it is a recipe for a jerky and bad drive. what you need to do is push it gradually so that your car can speed up smoothly.

Also to know properly about the location of the gas pedal, you need to be informed about the fact that an automatic vehicle comes with only two pedals. On the other hand, a manual transmission has three pedals, the gas, the brake, and the clutch.

Hence to answer the question, “gas pedal left or right” is the right pedal. Irrespective of whether the car is automatic or manual.

Why Is The Gas Pedal Lower Than The Brake Pedal

When you look directly at the pedals on your vehicle, you will see that the brake pedal is at a slightly higher position than the accelerator. That is not a problem with your car, it is how it is placed on every car.

There are usually two reasons why the gas pedal may be lower than the brake pedal (it is not always the case!). The first and the more common reason for this is that your leg does not slip off the accelerator accidentally. A lower gas pedal is comfortable and can make long drives much easier.

The second reason for a low gas pedal, the majority of the time, you will keep your foot on the gas for longer periods of time. Hence the lower position allows you more control and comfort over the throttle body and over the vehicle.

Tips For Driving Manual

Now as you have heard, manual cars can be extremely fun to drive. This is because of the utmost control that a manual car allows the driver to have over it. Automatic cars are easier to drive and can give us many driving features that allow the owners to have fun with their cars.

There are several enthusiasts that love driving a manual car (and want to learn how to drive a manual car). But there are certain complications that come with driving a manual car. Hence here is a list of tips to help you drive a manual car in an optimum manner and without an issue.

Do’s With A Manual Transmission

Here is a list of things you should do while driving a car with a manual transmission (as with the Mazda CX-5 manual transmission).

1. Use Gears Properly

Several new manual transmission drivers have some difficulty maintaining gears according to the speed of your vehicle. If not done properly, the car’s transmission and the engine can get ruined after a while. Improper gearshifting and speeding on the wrong gear are the two obvious signs that can cause wear and tear to your vehicle.

If the gears are not used properly according to the speed of your vehicle, you will start hearing a noise that is not exactly normal when compared to the sounds made by automobiles. Hence, in the long run, driving a vehicle with mismatched gears will do nothing but create problems for you and your vehicle.

2. Use The Clutch Properly

Another thing you need to keep in mind while driving a manual car is to use the clutch properly. If you leave the clutch prematurely or change the gear prematurely, you will hear a grinding sound. This can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. Grinding the gears is a very common driving blunder.

Due to several factors out there, the gears could grind to a halt. That is why it is important for you to use the clutch properly. When the car is moving, do not fiddle with the clutch and disengage properly. You need to make sure to shift the gear only when there is a hundred percent pressure on the clutch.

Don’t’s With A Manual Transmission

Here is a list of things that you should not do while driving a car with a manual gearbox.

1. Never Drive With The Clutch Engaged Continuously

While driving your vehicle you are constantly pressing the brakes or accelerating. To do this without it causing a problem in the long run, the clutch should be disengaged. As a matter of fact, the only time the clutch should be engaged is when you need to change gears.

If you keep your clutch engaged for a longer period of time, it can cause your clutch plate to wear down and malfunction. Even if your clutch is halfway pressed while driving, it will diminish the life of your clutch by a lot.

That is why you should always keep your foot off the clutch when you do not want to engage it. This will help keep the maintenance cost of your vehicle down and your clutch intact. This is something you should not do while driving a manual car.

2. When You’re Parked, Don’t Put Your Manual Car In Gear

When your car is at a halt and it is in gear, it is safe to assume that the clutch is engaged too. As discussed before, if a clutch is engaged for long periods of time, it can cause extreme wear and tear.

This will decrease the lifespan of your clutch. As said in the previous point, this wear and tear will also increase the maintenance cost of your vehicle.

3. Don’t Rest Your Hands On The Gearshift

One problem or mistake made by several manual car owners is that they rest one of their hands on the gear lever. This can make driving extremely difficult as you only have one of your hands to control your vehicle. In a state of emergency, this can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and harm yourself or the people around you.

Hence always make sure to keep your hands at the ten and two positions once you are done with shifting the gear. It is the best way to control your vehicle in traffic. It also is the best way to control your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Gas Pedal Right Or Left: In Conclusion…

Gas Pedal Right Or Left

There are several places on the face of the earth with different cars and driving positions. In some places, cars come with different configurations. Some come in a left-hand drive configuration and some in a right-hand drive configuration.

Left-hand drive configuration means that the steering wheel on the vehicle is on the left side of the vehicle and right-hand drive means that it is placed on the right. Hence the question, “gas pedal right or left” arises.

Irrespective of the placement of the steering wheel, a manual car will always have three pedals and an automatic car will have two pedals. Out of these pedals, the one on the extreme right will always be the gas pedal. When we talk about manual cars, the clutch is on the left, the brake is in the middle, and the gas like always on the right.

On the other hand, when we talk about an automatic transmission, the placement of the brake is the same as the one in a manual. But you have to remember, that an automatic transmission has two pedals so the left one is the brake and the right one is the gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all of the common questions that arise from the question, “gas pedal right or left”.

How To Drive Manual

Driving a manual car is not as easy as people think. Before informing you how to drive a manual car, you need to know about the position of the three pedals that come with the car.

The pedal on the extreme right is the gas pedal, as said before in this article. The pedal in the middle is the one that is the brake, while the third one on the extreme left is the clutch.

Now before learning how to drive a manual car, you need to know how the clutch works and its functions. The first thing you need to know about the clutch is that you have to engage the clutch to change the gears on your vehicle.

The clutch disengages the engines from the wheels, and it allows you to change gears without grinding them with the other gears. To learn how to drive a manual, you need to find a level open field like a parking ground. Adjust the mirrors and the seating position to drive your vehicle.

It is now time to engage the clutch to start driving your vehicle. Once the clutch engages, you can now put the vehicle in first gear. To move the car forward, you need to slowly disengage the clutch while pressing the accelerator. This slowly connects the engine to the drivetrain and the car moves forward.

You can expect the car to stall a couple of times. You do not need to worry as it is common for new drivers to stall the car when learning how to drive a manual. In order to change the gears, you need to engage the clutch again before changing the gears.

You need to let the RPM rise to about 3000 before you change the gears. Alongside that, you have to remember that once the car has started, you can easily engage the clutch, change the gear, and then disengage the clutch. It gets easier at higher gears and speeds.

Which Pedal Is The Brake

When we talk about the pedals on a car, you have to remember that manual cars have three pedals. While cars with automatic transmissions car have two pedals. In manual cars, as said before, the right pedal like always has been the gas pedal, while the one on the extreme left is the clutch.

On the other hand, when we talk about automatic cars, they only have two pedals the gas and the brake. Hence the gas, as said before, is the one on the right and the one on the left is the brake. Even though the brake pedal on the left, it’s position is similar to that of a manual car.

What Does Neutral Do In A Car

A neutral gear, commonly shown as “N” on automatic cars. It is one of the many options that are present on your gearshift assembly. A neutral gear helps you maneuver the car on the road. Contrary to what it is called, a neutral is actually not a gear. It is a setting in the gearbox where no gears mesh together.

It may seem useless while driving, especially in automatic transmissions. When you start driving a car and discover its practical uses and understand why OEMs continue to include the said settings in modern vehicles.

Hence, in a nutshell, the purpose of a neutral gear is to disengage the engine from the drivetrain. It ensures that no power is transmitted to the wheel when the gas pedal is pressed.

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