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Rocket League Crates – List of Crates, Items, and Drop Rates

by Jordan Harris
Rocket League Crates

Crates were special item drops that contain exclusive bodies, decals, goal explosions, and other items in Rocket League. Crates are basically a loot system that’s essential for free-to-play games. Now, the loot system does have a negative connotation, but it’s a necessary mechanism in free-to-play games that encourages players to spend money. However, Rocket League crates are no longer available as of December 2019. Rocket League developer Psyonix has decided to replace the crate system with a more transparent purchase method, where players can view what they will get before they buy.

That being said, we thought it would be fun to look at the Rocket League crates that were available.

What’s a Crate/Loot Box System?

A crate or more generally known as the loot box system is a video game mechanism where players are rewarded with a consumable virtual crate that can be redeemed for a randomized selection of item/s. Players can earn crates by completing certain milestones in the game. But players can also buy crates by using money or using an in-game currency. When Rocket League still had this system, the items included goal animations, decals, and vehicle bodies amongst other items.

A loot box system is usually a form of monetization. Game developers will often encourage players to purchase crates so that they can earn more valuable items in the game. Because of the randomized nature of the system, players might not get the item they wanted from the crates they have. This leads them to either work harder to get more crates or purchasing them using real money. As a result, players are likely to spend more money and developers will earn more. This is partly why the system has such a bad reputation.

This system is also often known as a gacha system, based on gashapon, the vending machine-dispensed capsule toys that are completely randomized. Although the gacha system is often more associated with games that are influenced by Japanese anime cultures. These games include Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact amongst other games.

Rocket League Crates: Why Is It Bad?

The loot or gacha system has often received bad press. And thanks to greedy developers (*cough* EA *cough*), the system now has a bad reputation. The randomized nature of the system means players won’t always get what they want, leading them to spend a significant chunk of their money just to get the virtual item that they want. In some games like Genshin Impact, wealthy players have been known to spend thousands of dollars.

Another reason why the system has a bad rep is that it has been likened to gambling. Since players technically “gamble” their money for a chance at an item that they want to get. Additionally, the bad rep often comes from terrible drop rates in certain video games. Some games only give players a very small chance at a valuable or rare item. This will obviously lead players to spend more money until they get what they want.

Additionally, sometimes a loot system means pay-to-win, where players with a lot of money have more chance of getting more valuable items that may improve their performance in the game. This gives wealthy players an advantage over those who aren’t spending as much money. This is a bad thing, especially in a competitive player vs player game.

Of course, the system isn’t entirely bad. It’s necessary for free-to-play games so that developers can earn money to continue improving the game. Since the system is often more profitable, developers are more likely to choose this business model rather than a more straightforward pay-to-play system. This is understandable because video games are a business after all, and businesses will want to make money.

Rocket League Crates: Why Did They Remove It?

Rocket League never really received any criticism or bad press over their crate system. Their system was quite fair, giving players a fair drop rate when compared to other games. Meaning players have a relatively large chance at earning valuable and rare items. Additionally, the cars in Rocket League are standardized. Meaning no car will have any significant advantage over the other. As a result, there are no competitive incentives for players to spend their money.

Pretty much all of the items in Rocket League are cosmetic. As a result, players who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money will only miss out on cool-looking items, but they won’t be handicapped in terms of performance. All this means that spending money is optional and that Rocket League isn’t a pay-to-win game. Players that don’t spend money won’t be at a competitive disadvantage. They might lose some street-cred though since they don’t have the latest and coolest skins and animations.

However, developer Psyonix wanted to have a more transparent transaction mechanism. Since December 2019, instead of crates, players can now view clearly the items they are about to purchase. Players can purchase in-game credits for anywhere from $5 to $50. And then they can spend that in-game credit on the item that they want on the Rocket League shop. However, the item still rotates every day in the shop. So if players missed the window for an item that they want, they’re going to have to wait until the item becomes available again.

This move is proven to be popular, giving Rocket League players complete control over what they spend their money on.

Rocket League Crates Mechanism

The crate system used a three-step process. Players can either receive a crate for free after completing an online match or purchase them using keys. If they wish to open a free crate, they will need a key to open it. Keys had to be purchase by using money on the in-game store. The system would then choose the rarity level of the item that the player will receive. Afterward, the system will decide if the item would drop with a Painted and/or Certified attributes. We’ll discuss more about this in the drop rate section.

If you’re wondering what the crate system was like, here’s a compilation video of Rocket League crate opening:

Rocket League Crates: How Does It Work Know?

As mentioned, instead of purchasing crates players can now view what item they’re getting before they buy it. In the past, crates were also given for free after players completed an online match. Rocket League now uses a blueprint system, so now players earn blueprints rather than crates after a match. After the blueprint update, existing crates in players’ inventories were converted into blueprints. Meanwhile, the keys that were used for opening crates were converted into in-game credits.

Blueprints allow players to craft items for a certain amount of in-game money. Players can also leave the blueprints in their inventory should they choose not to use them immediately. Unlike the crate system, blueprints show players exactly what they will get if they choose to craft the item. So if they don’t want to craft it, players can trade it for other blueprints that other players have.

Here’s a video from HtFer explaining how blueprints work:

Rocket League Crates: Drop Rates

Even though Rocket League crates are no longer in use, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what the crates were. As well as the items, drop rates, and list of crates that were available before Psyonix decided to remove the Rocket League crates system.

Crate Drop Rates

There are two drop rates: the drop rate of crates, meaning the chance for players to receive a certain type of crate. And item drop rates, meaning the chance players can receive items of certain rarity. The drop rate for each type of Rocket League crates changed periodically, depending on the event that was happening at the time. Developer Psyonix revealed that their system had four categories for crates in their system:

  • Newest. These are new crates that are introduced by the developer. Players had a 60% chance of earning these crates after finishing an online match.
  • Recent. Slightly older crates that had a 25% drop rate.
  • Older. These are older crates from past events with a 10% drop rate.
  • Phaseout. Old crates with just a 5% drop rate.

If there were more than one type of crate within a category, the crates had equal drop rates. For example, if the Velocity and Accelerator crates were both in the Older category, they each had a 5% drop rate for players.

Item Drop Rates

Items in Rocket League crates had five levels of rarity, with a lower drop rate for rarer items. These are:

  • Rare. Rare is actually the lowest level of rarity for crate items. They had the largest drop rate at 55%.
  • Very Rare. Slightly rarer and there’s a 28% chance players will receive this when opening a crate.
  • Import. Items in this category had a 12% drop rate.
  • Exotic. As the name suggests, items in this category are even rarer with just a 4% drop rate.
  • Black Market. Rarest items in the game, with just a 1% chance that players will receive this type of item.

Additionally, Psyonix had an attribute system introduced in June 2016. Each item that players earn from crates had a 25% chance of having a Painted or Certified attribute.

If players received a Painted item, that item will be recolored with entirely new colors. However, the colors are completely randomized, so players cannot choose the color. That being said, it will be an exclusive color that not everybody will get.

As for Certified items, these items will have a particular statistic that’s active in an online match. Here’s an example of how the system worked from Rocket League’s official website:

“For example, if I discover a ‘Sniper Wizard Hat,’ I’ve acquired a special version of the ‘Wizard Hat’ Topper that tracks ‘Long Goals.’  Every time I score a Long Goal in an online match, the hat’s stat counter will increase by one.  When I reach fifty Long Goals with that hat equipped, it becomes a ‘Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and after many more, an ‘Incredible Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and so on.”

Rocket League Crates: List of Crates and Items

Player’s Choice Crate

The Player’s Choice Crate is an interesting concept. Where in most other games developers will solely decide what items will be available in a crate, the Player’s Choice Crate’s contents were actually decided by, well, Rocket League players. Players would vote in a poll by Psyonix and the items with the highest votes will be included in the crate. This means that only the items that are most desired by the majority of players will be included. Some of these items include:

  • Breakout Type-S Funny Book.
  • Octane ZSR: Tribal.
  • X-Devil Mk2: Cobra.
  • Dominus GT: Unmasked.
  • Takumi RX-T: Super RX-T.
  • Dominus GT: Distortion.
  • Takumi RX-T: Distortion.
  • Breakout Type-S: Distortion.
  • Octane ZSR: Distortion.
  • Dominus GT body.
  • Breakout Type-S body.
  • Octane ZSR body.
  • Voltaic wheels.
  • Zomba wheels.

The Player’s Choice crate was released in February 2017. It remained available up until the crate system’s retirement in December 2019.

Turbo Crate

The turbo crate was released in March 2017. Unlike the Player’s Choice crate, there’s nothing particularly special about the Turbo crate. It was just another crate created by developer Psyonix for a certain period of time. The items that were included are:

  • Heiwa decal.
  • Kawaii decal.
  • Griffon decal.
  • Suji decal.
  • Aqueous decal.
  • Snakeskin animated decal.
  • Xenoplash rocket boost.
  • Septem wheels.
  • Vector animated decal.
  • Furry paint finish.
  • Tachyon rocket boost.
  • Endo body.
  • Roulette wheels.
  • Kalos wheels.

Nitro Crate

The Nitro crate was introduced in May 2017. Items that were included in the crate are as follows:

  • Mobo decal.
  • Sticker Bomb decal.
  • MDGA decal.
  • Jiangshi decal.
  • Buzz Kill decal.
  • Vector animated decal.
  • Hexphase rocket trail.
  • Fireplug wheels.
  • MG-88 animated decal.
  • Mantis body.
  • Neo-Thermal rocket boost.
  • Triplex wheels.
  • Draco wheels.
  • K2 wheels.

Overdrive Crate

After the Nitro crate, Rocket League released the Overdrive crate a couple of months later in July 2017. Unlike previous crates, there were goal explosion animations available for players to get in the Overdrive crate. The list of items in the crate was:

  • Circuit Board paint finish.
  • Funnybook decal.
  • Spatter decal.
  • Lone Wolf decal.
  • Glossy Black paint finish.
  • Lightspeed trail.
  • Blazer trail.
  • Friction trail.
  • SLK wheels.
  • Magic Missile rocket boost.
  • Centio V17 body.
  • Animus GP body.
  • FGSP wheels.
  • Turbine wheels.
  • Electroshock goal explosion.
  • Fireworks goal explosion.
  • Sub-zero goal explosion.
  • Hellfire goal explosion.

Accelerator Crate

The Accelerator crate was introduced in September 2017. One notable thing about the Accelerator crate was how it resembles the famous white Martini racing livery. The items that were in this crate include:

  • Pearlescent (matte).
  • Mantis: Critters.
  • Dominus GT: Splatter.
  • Breakout: Chainsaw.
  • Centio V17: Gigapede.
  • Lightning trail.
  • Gaiden wheels.
  • Hot Rocks trail.
  • Jager 619RS: Snakeskin
  • Jager 619 RS body.
  • Power Shot trail.
  • Saptarishi wheels.

Velocity Crate

As the holiday season approached in 2017, Rocket League released the Velocity crate in December 2017. The items in the crate were:

  • Octane: Slimline
  • Breakout: Type-S S’Mored.
  • Animus GP: Odd Fish.
  • Endo: Mummified.
  • Yuzo wheels.
  • Anodized.
  • Zigzag trail.
  • Mantis: Snakeskin.
  • Imperator DT5 body.
  • Hiro wheels.
  • Fractal Fire boost.
  • Equalizer wheels.

Victory Crate

The Victory crate was the first crate to be released in 2018. Items within the crate were as follows:

  • Merc: Athena.
  • Imperator DT5: Mosher.
  • Jager 619RS: Mister Monsoon.
  • Marauder: XVIII
  • Dominus: Funny book.
  • Nipper wheels.
  • Luminous trail.
  • Werewolf body.
  • Tsunami Beam boost.
  • Toon Sketch.
  • Infinium wheels.
  • Balla-Carra wheels.
  • Chameleon animated decal.
  • Storm Watch animated decal.
  • Toon goal explosion.
  • Trigon animated decal.

Triumph Crate

The Triumph crate was introduced in April 2018, the items available were:

  • Dominus GT: NNTR.
  • Centio V17: Machina.
  • Octane: Dot Rush.
  • Lift Off boost.
  • Diomedes wheels.
  • EKG-OMG trail.
  • Samurai body.
  • Kyrios wheels.
  • Comet trail.
  • REEVRB wheels.
  • Hypnotik wheels.
  • Storm Watch animated decal.
  • Toon goal explosion.
  • Atomizer goal explosion.
  • Dissolve animated decal.

Impact Crate

Rocket League released the Impact crate in May 2018, just a month after the Triumph crate. Here’s the list of items that were in the crate:

  • Dominus GT: Staredown.
  • Centio V17 Splashback.
  • Imperator DT5: Windswept.
  • Road Hog: Sundae.
  • Masato wheels.
  • Burnout boost.
  • Migraine banner.
  • Reaper wheels.
  • Twinzer body.
  • Enchanter trail.
  • Cirrus trail.
  • Santa Fe wheels.
  • Centro wheels.
  • Atomizer goal explosion.
  • Juiced goal explosion.
  • Streamline animated decal.
  • Fire God animated decal.

Zephyr Crate

The Zephyr crate was released in July 2018. And much like the other crates, it was just another crate that Rocket League released periodically. Here’s a list of items that were in the crate:

  • Octane ZSR: Mechaceph.
  • Octane: Chantico.
  • Jager 619 RS: Starlighter.
  • Breakout: Astaroth.
  • Dominus: Dot Matrix.
  • Mrs. Avocado banner.
  • Thread-X2 wheels.
  • Binary trail.
  • Libertine wheels.
  • Cyclone body.
  • Virtual Wave boost.
  • Dynamo wheels.
  • Mainframe animated decal.
  • Toon goal explosion.
  • Singularity goal explosion.
  • Fire God animated decal.

Elevation Crate

The Elevation crate was released in October 2018 and here are the items that were in the crate:

  • Lucky Stars.
  • Venom: Retro Sun.
  • Dino.
  • Twinzer: Muddy.
  • Octane: Sticker Bomb.
  • Yamane wheels.
  • Bob’s Ramen banner.
  • Discotheque trail.
  • Breakout: Ripped Comic.
  • Finny wheels.
  • Synthwave boost.
  • Nimbus body.
  • Wet Panel animated decal.
  • Solar Flare goal explosion.
  • Mainframe animated decal.
  • Singularity goal explosion.
  • Raijin wheels.
  • Gernot wheels.

Ferocity Crate

The Ferocity crate was the first crate to be introduced in 2019, the items available in the crate are:

  • Hat Trick banner.
  • Breakout: Taniwha.
  • Twinzer: Good Shape.
  • Octane: Gale-Fire.
  • Octane: Windblast.
  • Jayvyn wheels.
  • Straightline.
  • Octane: Tumbling Blocks.
  • Asik wheels.
  • Diestro body.
  • Glitch boost.
  • Pyrrhos wheels.
  • Zowie wheels.
  • Hex Tide animated decal.
  • Intrudium animated decal.
  • Wet Paint animated decal.
  • Solar Flare goal explosion.

Vindicator Crate

Rocket League released another crate in October 2019, this time it’s called the Vindicator crate. Items that were available in the crate:

  • Ouchie banner.
  • Dominus: OR-AISE.
  • Octane: Abtruse.
  • Clodhopper wheels.
  • Fennec: Edge Burst.
  • Picket wheels.
  • Truncheon wheels.
  • Octane: Kana.
  • Sentinel body.
  • Ninja Star boost.
  • Apparatus wheels.
  • NeYoYo wheels.
  • Creeper wheels.
  • Intrudium animated decal.
  • Shattered goal explosion.
  • Neuro Agitator goal explosion.
  • Glorifier animated decal.

Totally Awesome Crate

The Totally Awesome crate was the last of the standard crates to be introduced into Rocket League. It was released in July 2019, with an eye-catching blue-pink gradient look. Afterward, no new crates were released until finally all crates were replaced with the blueprint system on December 4th, 2019. Here are the items that were in the Totally Awesome crate:

  • Twinzer: Smooth Jazz.
  • Dominus: Mixtape.
  • Octane: Vaporware.
  • Diestro: Rico.
  • NeOctane.
  • Blender wheels.
  • Anodized Pearl decal.
  • Goop.
  • Stella wheels.
  • Krackle boost.
  • Fennec body.
  • Zefram wheels.
  • P-SIMM wheels.
  • Voxel goal explosion.
  • Magma animated paint.
  • Hex Tide animated paint.
  • Shattered goal explosion.

Rocket League Crates: Special and Champion Crates

Throughout the crate-system lifespan in Rocket League, there were four special edition crates available for a limited time. These special crates commemorated different events or holidays. All of the special crates included the Solar Flare goal explosion, Mainframe, Fire God, and the Dissolver animated decal as the Black Market item that players can receive. All other event-themed items have a rarity level of Exotic or lower.

Additionally, before the regular crates we mentioned above were introduced, Rocket League had what’s called the Champion Crates. These were basically the standard crates that players earned after an online match. After the standard crates were introduced, all Champion crates were retired in July 2017. However, players were still able to trade their existing crates with other players.

Special Crates: Haunted Hallows Crate

The Haunted Hallows crate was a special event crate that celebrated Halloween. Inside the crates are limited items only available during the Haunted Hallows crate period. Needless to say, the items had a Halloween theme to them. This crate was available only from October 2017 to November 2017. Items inside the crate include:

  • Mantis: Widow’s Web.
  • Breakout: Stitches.
  • Dominus: Afterlife.
  • Octane: Thanatos.
  • Revenant wheels.
  • Scary Pumpkin boost.
  • Grimalkin wheels.
  • Zombie banner.
  • Vampire Bat goal explosion.
  • Grim Reaper goal explosion.
  • Cauldron wheels.
  • FGSP wheels.

Special Crates: Secret Santa Crate

As the name suggests, the Secret Santa crate was a special event crate celebrating Christmas. And similar to the Haunted Hallows crate, the Secret Santa crate was only available for a limited amount of time, specifically from December 2017 to January 2018. Within the crate was Christmas-themed items, such as:

  • Mantis: Cold Front.
  • Octane: Christmas Tree.
  • Dominus: Holiday Deco.
  • Breakout: Rad Reindeer.
  • Candy Cane trail.
  • Peppermint wheels.
  • Yuletide boost.
  • Winter’s Warmth banner.
  • Winter Storm trail.
  • Christmas Wreath wheel.
  • Happy Holidays goal explosion.
  • Wonderment wheels.

Special Crates: Spring Fever Crate

Rocket League celebrated the spring of 2018 by releasing the Spring Fever crate. It was available from March 2018 to April 2018. The items included were:

  • Dominus GT: Callous Bros.
  • Centio V17: Pollinator
  • Jager 619 RS: Hip-Hop.
  • Breakout: Egged.
  • Doughnut wheels.
  • Doughnut Eater banner.
  • Spring Flowers boost.
  • Lustrum X10 wheels.
  • Kaleidoscope animated decal.
  • Geo Soul boost.
  • Butterfly boost.
  • Illuminata wheels.

Special Crates: Beach Blast Crate

The last special event crate to be introduced was the Beach Blast crate, which celebrated the summer of 2018. This crate was available for players to get from June 2018 to July 2018. After the Beach Blast crate, there was no more special event crate released on Rocket League. The items included in this crate were:

  • Breakout: 9 Lives.
  • Animus GP: Peacock.
  • Octane: Island King.
  • Dominus: Proptosis.
  • Quimby wheels.
  • Circuit Board banner.
  • Torrent trail.
  • Leviathan decal.
  • Sun Ray boost.
  • Sovereign A/T wheels.
  • Cruxe wheels.
  • Beach Party goal explosion.

Rocket League Crates: Champions Crate 1

The Champion crates were the first crates released on Rocket League. There were four Champion crates, and all were released simultaneously on September 8th, 2016. They were then retired in July 2017 in favor of the standard crates. The Champions Crate 1 had these items available:

  • Takumi: Combo decal.
  • Breakout: Vice decal.
  • Dominus: Pollo Caliente decal.
  • Dominus: Arcana decal.
  • Breakout: Shibuya decal.
  • Takumi: Anubis decal.
  • Breakout: Dot Matrix decal.
  • Dominus: Snakeskin decal.
  • Chakram wheels.
  • Dominus GT body.
  • Trinity rocket boost.
  • Takumi RX-T body.
  • Photon wheels.
  • Looper wheels.

Rocket League Crates: Champions Crate 2

  • Octane: Dragon Lord decal.
  • Venom: Nine Lives decal.
  • Road Hog: Carbonized decal.
  • Takumi: Whizzle decal.
  • Merc: Narwhal decal.
  • Octane: Distortion decal.
  • Merc: Warlock decal.
  • Polygonal boost.
  • X-Devil: Snakeskin decal.
  • Pixel Fire boost.
  • X-Devil Mk2 body.
  • Road Hog XL body.
  • Lobo wheels.
  • Slipstream animated decal.
  • Paradox animated decal.
  • Labyrinth animated decal.
  • Heatwave animated decal.

Rocket League Crates: Champions Crate 3

  • Breakout: Falchion.
  • Breakout: Turbo.
  • Dominus: Mondo.
  • Octane: Shisa.
  • Masamune: Oni.
  • Takumi: Distortion.
  • Breakout: Snakeskin.
  • Troka wheels.
  • Octane: MG-88.
  • Breakout Type-S body.
  • Hypernova boost.
  • Dark Matter boost.
  • Pulsus wheels.
  • Discotheque wheels.

Rocket League Crates: Champions Crate 4

  • Octane: Roadkill.
  • Road Hog: Wildfire.
  • Hotshot: Hi Tech.
  • Gizmo: Mean Streak.
  • X-Devil: Maximon.
  • Breakout: Distortion.
  • Road Hog: Snakeskin.
  • Octane: Kilowatt.
  • Spiralis wheels.
  • FSL wheels.
  • Octane ZSR body.
  • Proton boost.
  • Zomba wheels.
  • ARA-51 wheels.

Rocket League Crates: Wrap Up

Love it or hate it, the loot system in video games is here to stay. Thankfully, Rocket League replaced the system, giving players a more transparent process when making a purchase. This also gives players the ability to choose what they want to spend their money on. Do you like the new blueprint system? Or do you prefer the crate/loot system as it gives a bit more mystery? Let us know in the comments!

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