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The Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime Bids Farewell to the Ultimate Hypercar

by Joseph Gorst

The motoring world has lost a legend, as the 500th and last Bugatti Chiron has been made. The L’Ultime brings an end to the production of a car that redefined the hypercar world. The end of Chiron production symbolizes Bugatti moving onto pastures new, which means electrification for Bugatti’s flagship hypercar.

A Masterpiece on Wheels

Bugatti Chiron L'UltimeThe Sur Mesure team, who also crafted the stunning Chiron Super Sport ‘55 1 of 1’, has produced another beautiful display of what Bugatti stands for and the design harks back to the first Chiron that drew all the attention at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Like the first Chiron, the L’Ultime uses French Racing Blue and Atlantic Blue, but for this for this special edition they have been inverted. The fade into the darker shade is accompanied by all the places the Chiron has ‘spread its magic’ since its launch. With the bespoke wheels, the design is seamless yet mesmerizing and is testament to Bugatti’s knack for creating one-off beauties.

Subtlety at its Finest

Bugatti Chiron L'UltimeThe not-so-subtle design on the side is accompanied by some less obvious details dotted all over this special Chiron. The Bugatti macaron appears in blue, as does the iconic grille. The French flag appears on the wing mirrors, as a nod to Bugatti’s heritage and the Molsheim HQ, which is responsible for some of the most revolutionary cars of the last two decades. ‘500’ is dotted around the L’Ultime as a reminder that this is the last of the limited production cars. It is most obvious on the underside of the rear spoiler and just in front of the rear wheels but also appears on the wheel caps and the engine cover housing.

Bugatti Chiron L'UltimeInside, the special number can be found again, most prominently stitched into the headrests of the seats which are wrapped in Deep Blue leather. Blue Carbon Matt is a reminder of the Chiron Super Sport’s record-breaking exploits and the use of Bugatti’s signature French Racing Blue inside adds to the cohesion between the interior and exterior.

Au Revoir to a Legend

The Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime is literally the end of an era. No more Chirons will come out of Molsheim, as Bugatti plans to move on and diversify their lineup. But let’s take a second to reminisce about the excellence of the Chiron. From its debut in 2016, it has remained the definitive hypercar and the pinnacle of motoring. Despite the Chiron Super Sport 300+ setting its world record of 304.773mph in 2019, it has remained the fastest production car ever – a tremendous feat considering how many hypercars have been launched since. The Chiron family has grown as well, with the Sport, Pur Sport, and Super Sport elevating the hypercar to new levels. Other Bugattis that have come from the Chiron further add to its legacy, with the La Voiture Noire, Centodieci, and Divo all stemming from the illustrious hypercar, as well as a couple of upcoming models.

What’s Next for Bugatti?

On the topic of upcoming Bugattis, what does the hypercar company have planned? The departure of the Chiron paves the way for production of the Bolide and W16 Mistral to begin. The replacement for the Chiron is due this June and Bugatti has confirmed that it will use a V16 hybrid. This will make it the first Bugatti with any form of electrification and means that the L’Ultime is not just the end of the Chiron, but also the end of Bugattis powered purely by engines. Well, at least it was good while it lasted.

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