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How Motorway.co.uk Streamlines Selling Your Car

by Jordan Harris
Motorway Review

It’s often surprising at just how tedious it is to sell a car these days. Granted, there’s a good reason to do much of the red tape, like sorting out your financing papers and ownership documents and making sure you’re diligent when filing in the details and profiling your car. But, who’s asking for it to be this tough to negotiate for a good price on your car, or the introvert’s worth nightmare… Having to meet potential buyers and chatting up a storm with them. Thankfully, there are easier, more straightforward ways of selling your car. By far and away, one of the better options that I’ve found recently, when it came time to dispose of my car, is the Motorway way to sell your car. It’s superbly simple to use and effortless, making it a breeze if and when you need to sell your car.

So, what is motorway.co.uk and how does it really work? In layman’s terms, it’s an auction site, but not in the way you might expect. When you list your car for sale on Motorway, it then connects you, the seller, with over 5,000 authorised, trusted car dealerships throughout the UK. By the way, it’s completely free of charge to both list your car on Motorway, and have it valued to set a reserve price on them. Past that, motorway.co.uk allows these dealerships to view your car and bid on it. At the end of the day, the highest bidder, with your approval, gets to buy your car, and then re-sell it on their used car lots. Motorway even handles collecting your car from your home or driveway (also for free, too!) once you sell it, as well as securely processing the final payment.

Motorway Review

Is This The Easiest Way To Sell Your Car?

But really, it’s that supreme ease and convenience that truly makes Motorway well worth considering, if you’re looking to sell your car. And don’t just take my word for it either, as there are countless positive testimonies and reviews of motorway.co.uk elsewhere. I’ve personally sold 3 cars on Motorway, including a 2018 Kia Picanto GT Line S, a 2016 Ford Mustang GT, and a 2013 Range Rover Evoque Dynamic, and each one was easier to sell off than the last one. The Motorway way to sell your car starts with their slick mobile app and intuitive website, where motorway.co.uk takes great care in guiding you each step of the way through. This starts with listing your car, and accurately profiling its condition and specifications, as well as prepping it for the auction.

The motorway.co.uk app also helps you in making sure that you can capture the best photos possible of your car. And once you’ve approved the best offer for your car, the only time you’ll ever need to interact with anyone is when the buyer and Motorway come over to collect your car. When I was selling those 3 cars, I was quite shocked (in a good, pleasant way) with the level of efficiency and professionalism shown when inspecting each car, as well as taking them for a quick test drive. They’d even go the extra mile, on some occasions, by carefully fitting trade plates on my car and treating it well. The dealer who bought the Kia Picanto didn’t even ask for a test drive, as they were sufficiently happy after a brief inspection, and they finally agreed with the sale.

Motorway Review

The Fastest Way To Get Paid For Selling Your Car?

Once that’s all done and dusted, it’s great to know that I have motorway.co.uk to help with processing the final payment, too. A lot of the time, and particularly if you’re selling your car privately, trying to figure out how to get paid for selling your car can feel quite a bit sketchy at times. Better still, Motorway even promises that you would get paid within 24 hours, and I can confirm that I’ve been paid for my cars within the same day of them being handed over to their new owners. If that’s not good enough, motorway.co.uk passes on the payment to your bank account for free, too! And hey, if you’re trying to get more for your time, check out this link here to get a £50 Amazon voucher if you sell your car through Motorway. To be clear, it’s not without caveats.

The biggest of which is just how much you can feasibly earn by selling your car on motorway.co.uk, rather than the more conventional methods. I’ve found that with all 3 of those aforementioned cars, I might’ve been able to earn a bit more if I’d gone through the hassle of listing my car privately or selling it through a car dealership. However, for the maximal convenience of selling your car on Motorway alone, I’d say it has more than made up for the loss. Aside from that, when you compare motorway.co.uk to other, similar platforms, their competitive bidding process is likely to offer you more. For instance, the Kia Picanto sold for 15% more on Motorway than I had initially expected. So, if you want to sell your car and do it the easy way, consider giving Motorway a shot.

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